Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Post! And it has substance!

Hi guys! This is my first post and I hope you guys like what I have for you today. I was commissioned to make a leather thigh pouch for a steampunk pirate costume. This piece helped me learn a lot and I hope others can learn from this as well. The first thing I want to stress is that pre-planning is tremendously important. There are things I wish I had done in a different order and it would have saved me so much time and hand ache. Also, using sharpie to mark on the leather is not such a good idea. Just use pencil.
I started off by creating a foamies pattern to get a feel of the size and so I knew how big to cut out the leather.

After I had the pattern I cut out the leather and then sewed it all together.
He wanted a telescope holder on the side so I made it simple and it came out great.
I was under a tight deadline so I didn't get a pic of the next few stages, but after this I dyed it and attached the straps. Now this is where I learned the most. The straps were RIDICULOUSLY hard to attach on the back because the inside was less than 2". So those should be put on the back before it is stitched up to form a pouch. Also, the front pouch should have been attached before I sewed it up.  But it all worked out in the end!

I'm going to meet with the client to get better/more pictures of it, including some in action.

I hope you guys enjoyed!


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