Friday, January 6, 2012

Over the Holidays...

So I didn't really get what I wanted to done, but I finished a few things I didn't intend to.

First I introduce to you the Blendolathe v 1.0.

I call it the Blendolathe v 1.0 because after one use the plastic parts of the blender started melting (as they weren't designed for this kind of use). So I am going to take out the motor and mount it to a better setup.  So here is what I turned with the lathe. Not so bad for my first time. It's a handle for my Steampunk portal gun. The top is the lathed, the bottom is the handle I tried to hand carve and made me decide to whip up this lathe from my broken blender.

I also got the pictures I needed for a cheap DIY mold making technique!

I am going to put that in it's own post though so it is easier for myself as well as others to find.


Ok so I didn't get all that much done over the break. I had to clean my stuff out of my parents garage and didn't quite feel like doing anything else. I will be going back in a week to try and get my vacuum forming machine out of their garage. I will post when I do.


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