Saturday, January 11, 2014

Its'a me!

It was my friends birthday and he loves Mario so I made him a Mario pinata. If you follow these easy steps, so can you!

First find a picture of what you want your pinata to look like and print it to scale. This is about 20 inches tall.

Next, trace that bad  boy onto cardboard and cut it out.

Rinse and repeat so you have two similar pieces.

Paint it with a base coat of white (or whatever color you want really) and draw the details on.

Outline with black paint.

Paint colors that won't be filled with tissue paper.

Add tissue paper. You can layer in strips or as I quickly found out crumpling it and gluing it down has a similar effect with much less effort.

Repeat for the other half (make sure to do the opposite side so you don't end up with one side Mario, one side cardboard).

Prepair your candy container. I used a box. You could connect the two sides if you wanted but my shape was complex and time limited so I used an amazon box I had. 

Note: If you connect the two sides, do it before you paint.

Once you have your pinata connected to the candy container, decorate the candy container.

Fill with 5 lbs of candy and vioala! Pinata!

He loved it! These are easy to make and make great gifts (though make sure not to become the pinata guy/gal as no one wants to be "that guy").

Until next time,

N7 Buzz

This is a costume I thought might be cool for my wife's Yule ball. We were doing a Disney theme so I picked Buzz Lightyear. I decided to do an N7 Buzz (Mass Effect/Buzz crossover). Like usual, I waited too long to get started and didn't quite finished, though I got a lot done.  This is what I came up with using some patterns I got of the RPF.  I started construction on a Friday for the following Thursday, but it was the week of Christmas and I didn't get a lot done around then.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the costume. It didn't turn out as great as I would have liked, but it did what it needed to and didn't come out too bad.

Until next time,